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Before booking our services online please carefully read our FAQs, if you still have some questions about your individual situation please do get in touch and we'll be happy to chat more about your plans! 

How do I know if Insta Kombi will work at my venue? 

Insta Kombi works perfectly with most venues! We need around 4x4m to set up. For outdoor venues there is always a nice spot to nestle into and for indoors you will be surprised how many venues we can actually get inside! So long as there is access to power were set! If your venue doesn't have access to power thats fine we can bring our own! Not sure if your venue will cater for our booth? - Give us a call and we will contact your venue on your behalf! 


Power & Size

We need around 5x4m to set up. 

Kombi size 2.2m High 1.8m Wide 4.54m Long

We require access to 10amp power (1 powerpoint). 


How many Kombi’s do you have? 

We have 2 green Kombis. Ivy & Lola. They are identical twins, even we have trouble telling them apart some days! 


When will you arrive for set-up?

We arrive 1 hour prior to your start time for set-up. If you need us to arrive earlier (to not disrupt ceremony or before guest arrival). You can add on idle time for $50 per hour.


How long does set-up take?

We arrive 1 hour prior to your start time for set-up. Sometimes we require longer. We will let you know if we need longer. 


Can we close the photo booth during dinner or speeches? 

Yes, if you’d like us to close the booth during dinner, speeches or any other time you can purchase an idle hour for $50 p/h. 


Can you personalise the photo strips? 

We sure can! We can easily add your logo or customised event info. We always add a small version of our logo, website or hashtag on the bottom or top of the strip. 


Do you supply props? 

We always bring a boot-full of fun, quirky and high quality props. Got a unique theme for your event? We can tailor the props accordingly. 


Can we use our own props? 

Yes! You can bring along your own props to add to the fun as long as they aren’t too big or sharp as they could poke holes in the roof lining in the kombi. 


Does Insta Kombi come with an attendant? 

Yes, our booth always comes with one (sometimes two) super fun, experienced booth attendants to ensure your event runs smoothly. 


Do we have to provide a meal for the Insta Kombi attendant? 

If we are onsite during dinner service a meal will be greatly appreciated, as once onsite we often can’t leave to grab a bite to eat. 


Can I book additional hours? 

Yes, if you decide on the day you would like us to stay longer you can add additional hours providing it doesn't clash with other bookings. 


How far do you travel? 

We are Gold Coast based and we frequently travel between Brisbane & Byron Bay. Travel outside our free 40km zone is charged at $1.5 per km based on return travel.

What are your payment terms?

We only require a 25% deposit and the remaining 75% balance is due 1 month prior to your event. 

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